Dos Germans Blanc 2019

It is a young wine, made only with white Grenache, with which we aim to show the world the real potential of such a unique and singular grape variety. Controlled fermentation with a stainless steel tank and subsequent maceration for 4 months with the fine lees themselves using “battonage”.



The wine has a pale color with hints of amber, with great sharpness, and with an intensity of medium-high layer. White Grenache is one of the grape varieties that brings the greatest concentration of visual nuances to the wine. Depending on the color, a good aging capacity is expected, as there are a good amount of antioxidant compounds in solution.



Great aromatic complexity, where we can identify primary aromas of varietal origin, such as aromas reminiscent of stone fruit such as peach or apricot and tropical fruit. We also find more secondary aromas, such as floral aromas and aromas reminiscent of pastries, from the maceration of wine with its own fine lees.



It is at this point where we find the maximum expression of white Grenache, its structure, creaminess and length are unique. It is the expression of the variety, of the austerity of the places where the vineyards are cultivated, and the minerality of a poor land that causes a maximum concentration of nuances in the mouth. Everything is accompanied by a freshness and salinity that accompany the wine to the end of the mouth.


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