Dos Germans Negre 2022

It is a young, fresh and concentrated wine, made only with Carignan. Controlled alcoholic fermentation in contact with their skins for 15 days with a stainless steel tank and subsequent controlled malolactic fermentation only of the flower must with a stainless steel tank. No parenting.



The wine has a very high layer of color, with hints of garnet and violet, with a good sharpness. Carignan is a grape variety that brings a wealth of visual nuances and color concentration to the wine.
The ability to age with a wine of these characteristics is guaranteed, the amount of antioxidant compounds in solution in wine, anthocyanins and tannins is very high.



Fresh and complex wine, with primary aromas reminiscent of black fruit, such as plum, pomegranate or blackberry and secondary aromas such as floral aromas, spices, licorice and cocoa.



The wine has an expression of fresh, juicy fruit, accompanied by a soft and creamy mouthfeel. The tannins we find are always ripe and are accompanied by a great freshness, varietal condition of the Carignan. This variety of grape allows us to make wines with a high concentration and a long freshness that gives the wines a unique refreshing capacity and a high aging capacity.


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